Today is Milo’s birthday! Our Coton de Tulear is now one year old, and certainly no longer a puppy. He is now tall enough and feisty enough to stand up and nab his birthday-doggy-donut from the dining table. However, as any parent would say—or in this case, doggie parent—in our eyes, Milo will always be our little baby puppy. (He certainly still acts likes one!)

I promised myself that on Milo’s first birthday, I would start this blog. With the demands and stresses of my job, a new geographic location without old friends or any easy way to make new ones, and a loving husband who has been kidnapped by something called medical school, I often feel like I have to seek out and treasure the little things that make me happy. Two of those things, without fail, are Milo and cupcakes (both baking and eating them). With this blog, I hope to keep at least those two loves of my life at the forefront of my mind, so that I always have a reason to smile. Hopefully I can share those smiles with you too.

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1 Comment on Meet Milo | A Birthday Bonbon

  1. Charlin
    September 8, 2010 at 8:05 pm (14 years ago)

    Milo has the same birthday as my dad! 🙂 I just discovered this blog, and I love it. I wish you lived closer by so I could taste some of these delicious looking goodies.


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