Milo | The Professional Sunbather Turns 5!

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Happy birthday little pup! You are now older than me in dog years. But you were always wise beyond your years and a bit of an old fart anyway.

With all of his fluffy hair, one of the most common questions I receive is, “isn’t he hot?”

Well folks, let me tell you. He likes it hot. (He also doesn’t have an undercoat, so he gets cold easily.)

In the last year, Milo and I have discovered his love for sunbathing. I always knew he liked warm weather paired with a nice breeze, but this past year in particular, he has actively sought out that ray of sunshine peeking through the window, that warm patch of concrete in the driveway, and everyone’s front door welcome mat.

Sometimes, when we return from a walk, he will stop on the welcome mat, look at me knowingly (and happily) as he refuses to step indoors, and then do his circle-walk before planting himself down for a toasty session of relaxation. Sometimes he doesn’t even get that far; we might just return home from a car ride and he decides to plop down on the sunny driveway.

Or randomly in the flower bed at the mall . . .

Even when he’s clearly hot, panting with his tongue extended, he has a look of joy on his face. I have to physically nudge him indoors to break him from his reverie and ensure his physical well-being. I haven’t allowed this as much recently, with foxtails being in season outdoors, but perhaps today on his birthday I will indulge him.

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Milo | The Tahoe Adventurer

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Milo has always been a great travel dog. He loves road trips, sticking his head out the window, and pretty much just going wherever I go because it sure beats bumming around on the couch. And I’ve always known he enjoys the outdoors (in his must-sniff-every-nook-and-cranny sort of way). But usually dirt hikes end up with burrs or pine needles stuck in his fluffy paws and plaintive looks up at me to spare him the discomfort and carry him the rest of the way.

So, I knew he would be enjoy a recent trip to South Lake Tahoe, but I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which he jumped up and down rocks on a steep hike and eagerly splish-splashed into Eagle Lake. His cotton hair sure soaked up that water.

He couldn’t wait to explore and his big black eyes weren’t pleading with me to pick him upno, those accusing eyes looked back at me like I was holding him back from his adventure!

I’m proud of this pup and look forward to many more adventures ahead.
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Milo | Portrait of a Gentleman

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Better known as Mr. Milo when on Google campuses, Milo dons a purple bowtie while on east campus:

and a red bowtie while on west campus:

I think my pup is kind of handsome. Excuse me while I have a proud parent moment 🙂
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